New Homes in Birmingham, Alabama

New Homes in Birmingham, Alabama 2018-03-01T09:43:34+00:00

Birmingham is a city on the move. With the largest metropolitan statistical population in Alabama, the Birmingham area is seeing a fantastic array of new and old blending together in a vibrant new home market. From new homes in southern corridor of Alabaster and Calera to new homes in Trussville, Hoover, and Mcalla along the Interstate 20/59 corridors, Birmingham, AL encompasses an impressive area filled with amazing suburbs each with there own flare and style.

The area’s antique shops are becoming places of legend in upscale lifestyle magazines around the country. Trendy malls have taken root all over the area, bringing tony, high-end shops to the state’s retail giant. Dozens of new art galleries surprise enthusiasts and collectors with a wide variety of paintings, sculpture, jewelry, ceramics, fine and funk art.

Birmingham has amazing new dining locations home to the best new local dining culture in the South, just remember that Birmingham is home to “the Oscars of dining” with James Beard Foundation Award winners and nominees. Anyone visiting the city should take in the beauty of down-home cooking as well. And visitors with an appetite for live music will find that it is the city’s signature entertainment. Check out a list of these amazing restaurants and eateries close to several of Valor’s new home communities: